Secret Of Travelling : How To Plan And Enjoy

How to plan a holiday and have a good time? Have you been on a holiday and didn’t have an enjoyable trip? What about facing unwanted circumstances during your travels?

The secret to have a great holiday is based on Planning. A good plan enables you to have a smooth, under budget and fulfilling holiday. Here’s my secret:


Research Research Research! – Before visiting your holiday destination spend time researching about it. It not only saves you time but gives you an idea on what to expect.

Budget – You get a brief idea on your expenditure by doing a little research. Always allocate additional budget for safekeeping.

Packing – My secret is to bring what I need and packing my clothes smartly which saves you luggage space. (extra space in your luggage is always a plus!)

Fly in the morning – This depends on flight duration. Assuming you depart in the morning, you arrive your destination around lunch time. You are able to have the remaining of the day to get settled in and maybe do some sightseeing  . (Kill two birds with one stone)

Get to the Airport Early – Arrive extra early if you are catching a flight during weekends, school holidays and festive seasons. Punctuality is key as you want to avoid any unforseen circumstances. (same reason for attending a job interview)

Blending In – Take note of the destination you are traveling to as different parts of the country may have different time zones.


Sign up for a Local Telco Plan Research for the top 3 telco companies at the specific destination you are heading too to get the best coverage. You might need to contact family members or even make a few calls during your trip and this will come in handy.

Download Offline Maps – If you don’t plan to get a local telco plan, you probably would want to get the map of your destination which doesn’t require any data for example google maps (which works offline) or even an old school paper map.

Mind Your Language (A British Sitcom premiered back in 1977 and was revived in 1986) – You might be like the teacher in the sitcom and English may be the most widely spoken language in the world but is still not practiced by majority. Take into consideration of speaking simple words or use a language translator app to translate simple words to the language locals use. (another reason of having a local telco plan to avoid misunderstanding).

Walk Everywhere – Beautiful places are best wandered on foot and I would normally avoid signing up for tour packages. (unless there is no choice)

Car / Bike Rentals – Driving or Riding around your holiday destination is the best way of experiencing a new country and local delicacies. Be in control over your destination and itinerary by mixing and matching your modes of transportation . (be sure to have a valid license) 

Better SAFE Than SORRY – Avoid bringing luxury items or bags that can easily be snatched. Bring only what is necessary to avoid worrying too much about pickpockets or being robbed.

Fashion For Travel Having a multipurpose garment during your travel can come in handy, especially bags that provide Theft Proof or Cut Proof features. Not only are you able to travel safely but with style. There are many garments that provide such security value so look for the one that suits you.


Repacking before leaving – Personally, I love packing luggage. It gives me joy to see that everything is placed accordingly. (as how I Planned it to be)

Get to the Airport Early (Again) – You wouldn’t want to miss your flight home would you?

PLAN your trip wisely, travel SAFE, travel SMART and ENJOY your holiday!

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