Dean the “DEAN”

Dean, only at 6 years of age, a remarkable kid who possessed the quality of a DEAN as defined in the dictionary, is not a boy to mess with.

He wants to be a JUDGE when he grows up

Dean, who lives in Sydney, Australia, paid a visit to my home in Malaysia for a short period of 2 weeks. It was my first time meeting him but it felt as though we have been living under the same roof all along. He is very smart, hyperactive and loves taking charge of situation. He may only be 6 years old but he is not childish by nature as he does not find amusement from simplest of things.

Makes you want to eat that delicious bowl of ice-cream right?

His favorite food is ICE-CREAM, cereal and chicken. It was Dean who taught me to put crushed ice in his bowl of ice-cream so that it would prolong his eating time while watching cartoon. He is only able to watch cartoon during “ice-cream” time and that was how the idea came about.

This remarkable boy has taught me that age does not matter when it comes to money. “I want to earn 100 (RM) while I am here so I can buy toys” he said. In this situation you would be wondering, how a 6 year old boy earns 100 (RM)?

In any situation given, he would take the opportunity to earn money. If you would like to learn swimming, Dean is able to teach you how. If you want him to try Malaysian food, he will. Love to take a picture of a cute little boy? he will allow you too but it all comes with a price. Eventually he made 100 (RM) and managed to buy his toys. (amazing financial tactics coming from this 6 years old)


I have much admiration for my cousin Dean (yes! he’s my cousin). The reasons why I admire him are endless. He is very smart, playful and he has a big heart. He would have been an ideal brother. He is the person who reminds me the power of love and caring.He is young at heart but wise beyond his age.

With all being said, Dean is one good reason for me to visit Sydney, Australia.

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