9 Reasons to visit Ho Chi Minh City

The most populated city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known and still referred as Saigon has so much to offer in terms of modern office skyscrapers to delicious authentic street food.

The following are my 9 reasons to visit Ho Chi Minh City :




To come to Saigon and not experience Coffee would be a trip wasted. The first thing after touching down from a long flight is to grab yourself a cup of Vietnamese Coffee to kick start your travels. There are 2 types of coffee which can be found in every street in Saigon :

  1. Drip Filtered Iced Coffee – This drink is filled with coffee from drip filter process with about 2-3 tablespoons of condensed milk.
  2. Powdered Coffee – Instant Vietnamese Powdered Coffee mixed with hot water.
  • [Great] for Coffee lovers 
  • [Unsuitable] for Kids

TIP : Drip Filtered Coffee is more expansive amongst the two but the quality and taste is far better compared to powdered coffee.

2) Venturing Saigon on WHEELS


Grumpy In Saigon Riding

Travelling on a bike to wander around Saigon is exciting. You get to experience the insane local traffic and venture around the city freely. The number of bikes on the road is 3-4 times more compared to cars. (feels like riding on your first roller coaster ride)

  • [Great] for single travelers   
  • [Unsuitable] for Family / Group travelers

TIP : If you happen to travel by bike, keep your belongings safely or do not play with your cellular phone. (snatch theft is pretty common there so be smart!)




Are you a fan of Vietnamese food? Vietnamese food located in your country could not be as authentic as the ones found here in Saigon. Vietnamese cuisine is generally admired for its freshness and ingredients. The variety of food found in Saigon goes beyond pho and spring rolls as there are plenty of fresh seafood as well as Bánh mì which are delicious!

  • [Great] for food enthusiast 


Grumpy In Saigon

Built in 1902-1908 in a French colonial style, the People’s Committee Building located at Nguyen Hue Street is not open to public but is a popular destination for photo opportunities.

  • [Great] for Single/Family/Group Travelers 

TIP : Best time to visit is during the night, when the whole building will be lit up from ground up.



Another French colonial architecture is the Ho Chi Minh Municipal Theater, located in the heart of district 1 area also known as Saigon Opera House. Good place for photo opportunities as well as to attend Vietnamese traditional plays.

  • [Great] for Single/Family/Group Travelers
  • [Unsuitable] for people who does not enjoy stage plays

TIP : Convenient place for a meeting point and to relax as the compound is very spacious.

6) THE CAFE APARTMENT on Saigon’s Walking Street

Grumpy at Saigon Coffee

Are you a tea or a coffee person? This building is filled with cafes that serves both tea and coffee hence the name The Cafe Apartment. There are numerous cafes located in each floor, but not all cafes provide outdoor siting space.

  • [Great] for Coffee & Tea lovers 
  • [Unsuitable] for Kids

TIP : Make your way to the higher level cafes, you will be able to enjoy a good scenery while sipping away your drinks.

Grumpy at Saigon Square

Saigon Square shopping mall is one of the largest indoor market found in Saigon covering a wide range of products. Bargaining is expected here, so before purchasing an item bargain your price. There are many similar items sold here so take your time and shop.

  • [Great] for shoppers looking to buy cheap goods
  • [Unsuitable] for shoppers looking to buy branded goods

TIP : The place is Air-Conditioned and have clean bathrooms (with an entree fee)



Being one of the symbols of Ho Chi Minh City, Ben Thanh Market is not to be missed. The market is filled with local vendors from a large variety of street food, fashion accessories, fashion apparels, wet food and drinks.

  • [Great] for shoppers looking to buy cheap goods
  • [Unsuitable] for shoppers looking to buy branded goods

TIP : Most vendors there are able to converse in English so be sure to bargain away before purchasing your items.


Enjoy the scenic journey along the Mekong River Delta. Take home your own collection of memories and photographs of the river scenery. Experience boat rides and floating market based on the tours you signed up for. This experience would be my most memorable adventure in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • [Great] for Single/Family/Group travelers
  • [Unsuitable] for people who dislikes the sun & nature

TIP : Will take you a full day to complete the minimal 1 day tour and the Mekong River Delta can be hot so its advisable to bring plenty of water or suncreen with you.

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