5 W’s 1 H of Hat Yai, Thailand.

Thailand is a country known for its tropical beaches and one of the top country most visited by travelers BUT… have you heard of Hat Yai?

WHERE is Hat Yai?

The largest city of Songkhla Province and the forth largest city in Thailand which is located in the south near to the Malaysian boarder is famous amongst its neighbouring countries, Malaysia and Singapore.

Hat Yai, just above the border of Malaysia (screen captured from google map)


WHO goes to Hat Yai?

Majority of the travelers here are from Malaysia and Singapore. The main town area can be packed with human traffic especially during holiday season. [Malaysian or Singaporean Public holidays, School holidays, long weekend holidays]

GW_Hatyai (12 of 69)
Hat Yai main town


WHAT to do in Hat Yai?

There are various Thai street food vendors for you to try from , Inexpensive Thai massages, Affordable shopping items and visiting tourist attraction spot.


WHY go to Hat Yai?

Making a trip down for a short escape to enjoy Thai cuisine and relax has always been a reason to travel to Hat Yai. One main reason was for the amazing view featured in the video below.

[Venue: at the peak of Hat Yai Municipal Park]

WHEN is the best time to go?

The temperature in Hat Yai from the month of February till October is between 30 – 35 Celsius, which could be really hot for some and will normally decent down to about 27 Celsius in November till January due to rainy season.

TIPS: Be sure to bring you sun glasses and sunscreen during your visit.

HOW to go to Hat Yai Town?

Using Lee Garden Plaza Hotel as a landmark, it would bring you right to the heart of town. Hat Yai International Airport is about 15 km away from the main town area and travelling by taxi would take you an estimate of 30 minutes. You could always ride a tuk-tuk for a cheaper alternative.

Hat Yai Town
Hat Yai International Airport to main town area (screen captured from google map)

[Other International Travelers] : The best way is to fly to Hat Yai International Airport from where you are based and take taxi to and fro your hotel. Other travelling method around Hat Yai would be by tuk-tuk (if your destination is far) or by walking (if your destination is near).

[Malaysian & Singaporean Travelers] : Have 3 alternatives to reach Hat Yai depending on desired mode of travelling.

  1. by FLIGHT – fastest way but expensive.
  2. by CAR – about 7 hours (total) drive from KL to Bukit Kayu Hitam/BORDER (about 5 hours) then to  Hat Yai town area (about 2 hours).
  3. by TRAIN – about 7 hours (total) ride from KL Sentral to Padang Besar/BORDER (about 6 hours) then transit to local Thai train to Hat Yai station in town (about 1 hour).

[Memorable train ride experience, especially in the old fashioned style Thai Train]

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