10 Reasons to Visit Hat Yai, Thailand for Family or Solo Traveler.

Looking for an escape destination with your family or maybe a solo adventure? Here are my 10 reasons which could probably change your mind about Hat Yai, Thailand.


The 7-11 in Thailand has to be one of the most popular store visited among travelers (at least for me). Comparing the 7-11 in Malaysia, there are at least 10 times more options for you to choose from and you would be amazed how delicious the food actually is. Packed food you purchase can be prepared instantly or just pack it home and it still taste delicious.

TIP : Be sure to have your Thai Baht ready before spending in the store, any currency used besides that has an additional charge to your bill


Like anywhere else in Thailand, sitting the tuk-tuk is an experience not to be missed. Some modified tuk-tuk’s have lighting display and sound system to make your trip more welcoming. Tuk-tuk is always the better alternative compared to taxi in Thailand but you’ll have to endure the heat as it is not air-conditioned.

TIP : Haggle Haggle Haggle! always haggle your cost before entering a tuk-tuk. Majority of them are really friendly, and if you’re lucky, you could befriend them to arrange all your trips during your visit. If you enjoyed your ride, you could tip your driver as a kind gesture.


Are you into massages? or manicure and pedicure? Some of these massage parlor have them all in line to keep customers satisfied. There are massage parlors located in almost every corner of the city and the price is quite standardize.

TIP : If you find that your masseur suits you, stick to that parlor or look for another place instead. Different individual has different level of acceptance in terms of comfort during a massage session.



Located in the center of Hat Yai City, this local market is famous for its imported snacks and they have other small stalls that sells many variety of things from clothes, flowers, nuts and cosmetics such as perfumes and make-ups.

TIP : Haggle your cost before making a purchase. Normally, the more you buy, the more discount you receive. Price does not vary much as compared to shopping mall outlet but at least you get to haggle here.


The main reason of visiting Hat Yai lies at the top of the hill where the Municipal Park is located. The view of Hat Yai City can be viewed right at the top and it is simply breath taking. There is no tour required for this, just find a tuk-tuk and inform them of this destination. You might want to spend half a day here so eat before you visit or pack light food just in case you get hungry but always remember to bring plenty of water with you.

TIP : HIRE a tuk-tuk driver specifically just for this visit as you might spend half a day at this destination. Only pay your driver once you completed your own tour here.


The cable car in Hat Yai which sits on top of the Municipal Park is added to the list of things to do during your visit. Not a very long journey from 1 end to another end, but its worth the experience.

TIP : If you would like a whole car to yourself, travel in groups of 4 people. The conductor would give you a whole car to your group. 


GW_Hatyai (49 of 69)

Kitchenware from Thailand particularly the brand Zebra is very well known for its good quality stainless steel  product. Used to be quite affordable but because it is always in demand especially in SE Asia, it could be quite costly now.

TIP : A handy souvenir especially for home cooks / house wives / relatives.


GW_Hatyai (55 of 69)

Being the largest shopping mall in Hat Yai, Central Festival Hat Yai has a 3D IMAX Theater, Ice Skating Ring, Bowling and Karaoke Centre for additional entertainment during your visit.

TIP : After a long tiring day from venturing Hat Yai under the sun, this venue is a good place to relax as it is air-conditioned.


Makro Hat Yai is a WHOLESALE store which most vendors come to shop. Local vendors and even Malaysian vendors are mostly seen shopping here as the items here are sold in BULK.

TIP : Good place to shop for travelers with own transportation. Usually, the boot of your car would be filled with BULK items purchased from here.


GW_Hatyai (53 of 69)
View of the town from the 33rd Floor of 33 Buffet Restaurant

Fancy a view over lunch or dinner? Head over to 33 Buffet Restaurant which is located at the 33rd floor of Lee Gardens Plaza. It’s a buffet restaurant which serves many variety of food with an amazing view of the city.

  1. ADDRESS : 33rd Floor, Lee Gardens Plaza, Prachatipat Road
  2. OPENING HOURS : Lunch (11am to 2pm); Dinner (5pm to 9pm)
  3. CHARGES : Adults (169 Baht) / Children (89 Baht)


Find out more on how to reach Hat Yai here : 5 W’s 1 H of Hat Yai, Thailand

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