8 Highlights in Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia

The Mini France of Malaysia which is located in Bukit Tinggi because of the French-themed Resort, Colmar Tropicale, is a peaceful and quiet place, very much suitable for family and couples to escape the hustle and bustle of the city BUT before you do, here are my 8 Highlights in Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia :


Malaysia is not only known for its multiracial background, it is also hot throughout the whole year. Bukit Tinggi, is one of the very few venues found in Malaysia which is COLD! If you like enjoying the cool weather, Bukit Tinggi is one of the venue to visit.


The Botanical Garden is suited for nature lovers such as myself. There is a 1km cemented trail around the garden so be prepared for a little exercise. The garden sits on four acres of highland forest so BE CAUTIOUS during your walk as there are various species of monkeys and wildlife that live in the rainforest. I was able to complete the trail without any disturbance.


The Japanese Village is very well maintained and clean! There’s a mini fountain and clear water lake with fish swimming inside. All in all, a good place for picture taking!


GW_BKT TINGGI (111 of 61)

Welcome to the world’s first Japanese Tea House in the tropical forest! Have you experienced Japanese Tea Ceremony in Japan? Fret not! You will be able to rent a Kimono to complete this experience for RM 20.00 at the Japanese Tea House. The cost per person would be RM 28.00 to experience this ceremony.

For those who are keen, they have a schedule for the ceremony :

  • 11.00am – 11.30am
  • 12.00pm – 12.30pm
  • 2.30pm – 3.00pm
  • 4.00pm – 4.30pm


4. COLMAR TROPICALE – A French-themed Resort

In the day, you get walk around and admire the pretty architecture and they have a stage built in the center for performances which usually takes place at the night. There are a number of restaurants around there serves Malaysian and Western cuisine BUT it can be a little pricey. Family or couples who aim for a quiet retreat, this is a nice place to be.


There is a Swan Lake for these beautiful creatures to roam around. See them swim, see them eat, or just take pictures of their beauty. Hardly would you be able to find these amazing creatures unless of course you pay a visit the zoo.


GW_BKT TINGGI (65 of 65)

I personally do not play Golf, but there’s a Golf Course available for Golf lovers at the Bukit Tinggi Golf & Country Club. The beautiful Golf course is built surrounding 150-million year old tropical rain forest! I wouldn’t mind just cruising around the 18-hole course just to experience the memorable scenery.

7. ANIMAL PARK / RABBIT FARM (Transport Needed)

GW_BKT TINGGI (99 of 65)

This Child Friendly animal farm has available animals such as Rabbits, Deers, Turtles and Hamsters. You are able to buy food from the counter and feed these animals. Suitable for family travelers especially those with kids as they can interact with these cute friendly animals.

8. FOUR FACE BUDDHA (Transport Needed)

GW_BKT TINGGI (100 of 65)

Finally, visiting the Four Face Buddha Temple which is just a little further away from the Animal Park. The temple is very clean and well maintained but its quite isolated from the main attraction area.

They have other activities such as Paint Ball, ATV Fun Ride at the adventure park BUT unfortunately it was closed during my visit so it was not included in the blog.

What You Could Do : The process of completing this Itinerary takes you less than 1 DAY so you could grab the morning shuttle bus to reach here and catch the last shuttle bus back to Berjaya Times Square,KL. 

Info on HOW to get to Bukit Tinggi : Bukit Tinggi, the Mini France of Malaysia



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