Nusa Penida, Bali (Transportation)

NUSA PENIDA (Bali, Indonesia) has to be one of…OR the most beautiful island located in S.E.A. However, there is very little tourist infrastructure which makes traveling around the island tough BUT manageable. Secluded beaches are so beautiful it honestly would blow your mind away but getting there might be a struggle to some.


GW_Nusa_Map (1 of 2)
[2018] Map of NUSA PENIDA, Bali, Indonesia (not 100% complete)
After spending a few days in Bali, one of the main highlight in my itinerary was to visit Nusa Penida and the only way in and out of the paradise island is by Fast Boat or Ferry.

Bali Locations TO Nusa Penida:

  1. Padang Bai
  2. Kusamba
  3. Benoa Harbour
  4. SANUR
  5. Nusa Lembongan

SANUR was the closest location to where I was in Bali hence approaching SANUR you will come across the main entrance point. Walking towards Sanur Beach, there are a number of Speed Boat companies, Tour companies, Convenient stores and F&B outlets.


At the beach compound, there are many speed boat companies to choose from so the question here is how do you know which one to choose from? Personally, I went to the one with the biggest banner, looks decent, has an email and phone number with many customers in line.

TIP : Ask for a brochure or MAP of Nusa Penida and keep it for reference. As shown in the 1st Picture

You will be informed when your boat arrives, and you have to walk to the beach towards the direction of your boat. It is just a few steps into the sea and depending on man power, the boat company staff will assist you with your luggages into the boat.

TIP : Your travel time may vary depending on the weather or condition of the sea.

Upon arrival to NYUH, Nusa Penida, A smaller boat approached and we had to swap boats to continue our journey to the port. (Not too sure if this is the S.O.P , maybe there were other boats in line yet to leave the port)


  • RETURN – Rp 600,000
  • ONE WAY – Rp 450,000


  • RETURN – Rp 400,000
  • ONE WAY – Rp 250,000
  • (INFANT 0 – 2 years old) – FREE


Before making any decision on how would you be traveling around the island, please have a look at the sketched map above and the road conditions below.

GW_Nusa (069)
MAIN ROAD Condition (width of road is sufficient for 1 and 1/2 Car only)
GW_Nusa (22 of 2)
OFF-ROAD Condition (expect worst than this!)

Getting around is often difficult if you do not own a transport. Fortunately, once you reach the dock of Nusa Penida, there will be many locals that will approach you offering taxi, car rental, motorbike rental and personal tour services. (It really depends on your preferences, but take note on the sketched map and road conditions)

I personally love the idea of being adventurous, especially in this paradise island which made renting a motorbike the better choice. Getting around on my own is very convenient as I get to have my own personal tour.

GW_BaliBali (13 of 16)
Traveling with my ‘GPS’ by MOTORBIKE on the MAIN ROAD

Judging from the MAP provided, it looks pretty straight forward BUT what they did not tell you is there is very little tourist infrastructure. Unfortunately, the BEST beaches in Nusa Penida is all away from the main tourist area where you are required to travel OFF-ROAD.

GW_Nusa (23 of 2)
Using BIKE on the OFF-ROAD

SUGGESTION : NOT to travel around at night, as the only light you have is from your vehicle. There’s no street lights YET.


  • per 1 WAY (depending on location) – Rp 250,000 (near) to Rp 700,000 (far)


  • per 1 DAY – Rp 700,000


  • per 1 DAY – Rp 75,000 to Rp 80,000

*** There are NOT many PETROL STATION around the island BUT there are MANY locals residing along the main road / off-road who sells petrol in a bottle for about Rp 10,000 to 30,000 ***



To my fellow readers, my intention is not to scare you but just bare in mind that there would be some hiking to do once you have reached your preferred beach destination. Local guides are very used to the climb and the condition of the road getting here. If I could do it, there’s no doubt you could too BUT bare in mind to be extra EXTRA CAUTIOUS and to take your time. After all, it is 100% worth it! 

GW_Nusa (35 of 6)
100% WORTH IT! (just a handful of visitors)

There are also “TOLL BOOTHS” before entering an attraction area where you are required to purchase entree tickets.



After purchasing a round ticket (SANUR, Bali – NYUH, Nusa Penida – SANUR, Bali) from the fast boat company, I was told that our departing venue is the same venue as where we were dropped off initially. Fortunate for me, on that very same day heading back to Bali, there were not many people leaving the paradise island compared to the day I arrive.


  • Would I return to Nusa Penida? – Most DEFINITELY!!!
  • How many days did you spent in the island? – 3D 2N and its too rush.
  • Judging from the condition of the road, will you still rent a motorbike? – YES, but be very very careful.
  • What NIGHT activities is there? – At the moment, if you rent a motorbike, the best you could do is to ride along the main road by the beach or chill by the Warung/Bar.
  • Was traveling around the island difficult? – Sightseeing could only be done during DAWN, unfortunately by DUSK there’s not much activities to do as the island has very little tourist infrastructure.

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